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Fines and Charges

Fines for overdue items are $.25/day/item for books and vertical file items, and $.10/day/item for magazines, $1.00/day/item for videos and DVDs, and $.50/day/item for books on tape, books on CD, music CDs, and easy tape/books. Fines are charged on days that the library is open. Overdue notices are sent beginning approximately two weeks beyond the due date. Names of patrons who do not return items or make restitution to the library for lost items may be sent to a collection agent and will incur an additional $12.00 collection agency fee.

Lost/damaged materials should be reported to the library immediately.

Below is a list of replacement costs for each type of item:

Adult & YA Hardcover


Adult, LP & YA Mass Market Paperback (Height = 18cm or less)


Adult, LP & YA Paperback (Height = 27cm or greater)


Adult, LP & YA Paperback (Height = 19-26cm)


Children’s Hardcover


Children’s Paperback (Height = 27cm or greater)


Children’s Paperback (Height = 26cm or less)


Children's Board Book


Large Print Hardcover


Music CD


Magazine, Cliff Notes, Vertical File






E Tape/Book Kits

$10tape/bk,$7 bag

Single cassette or CD for Audio Book


Audio Case


Audio Books

Current replacement cost or original cost


Current replacement cost or original cost

The replacement cost of any item will be charged for those items that exceed the fixed replacement cost by 50%.

Lost library cards can be replaced for a $3.50 charge.

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