Yes. There are book and A/V drops in the library parking lot on the side of the building and there is a single drop for all types of items located at the Lower Milford Township building, 7607 Chestnut Hill Church Road, Coopersburg.  The Lower Milford drop is not emptied every day, so you may still see items on your account after you return them. Late fees will not be charged for items that were in the drop on or before their due date.  Items that may not be returned in the book drops include (but are not limited to): large audio CD & tape sets, some oversize books, Learn-With-Me Kits and E-Readers.

The library staff does its best to empty the drops on holiday weekends and other busy times, but occasionally the drops will still fill. If you find the drop is full, please do not try to shove and pound your book in as it may cause damage to that book or others already in the drop. Please do not leave your book on top of the drop where it could be ruined or lost; return it at another time.