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I have been on the hold list for an item for 3 months. I know my name is getting close to the top and I am going on vacation in a few weeks. If the book comes for me while I am gone, do I lose my place in the list and have to start at the bottom again?

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If you notify the library that you are next in line for a hold book but you are going on vacation, the library will do its best to bump your hold down the list, but email notification somewhat limits the library’s control over this service.

I have been waiting for the newest release by a very popular author for what seems like a long time. I have been on the waiting list and it doesn’t seem to be moving. What is happening?

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We are in a program to receive 1 copy of the newest releases by some popular authors. Due to decreased library funding and rising shipping costs, we can no longer afford to have each book sent to us as soon as it is released or to purchase multiple copies. All new releases are shipped together the [...]

Do you have e-books?

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Yes, we have access to e-books and e-audios through our membership in a consortium with other area libraries. It is the Carbon Lehigh Downloadable Library and can be accessed from our homepage or by clicking here.

I like renewing online but typing my 14 digit barcode is a little cumbersome. Is there any other way to do it?

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Yes. You can create your own “EZ Logon” to use with LS2PAC, a newer interface for the catalog. Your EZ Logon can be almost anything you want that isn’t already being used by someone else in the system: your first name, nick name, pet’s name, favorite word, you choose it. Your EZ logon has a different password [...]

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