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Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-19T13:55:02-04:00
Can I return my items when the library is closed?2019-03-19T13:48:01-04:00

Yes. There are book and A/V drops in the library parking lot on the side of the building and there is a single drop for all types of items located at the Lower Milford Township building, 7607 Chestnut Hill Church Road, Coopersburg.  The Lower Milford drop is not emptied every day, so you may still see items on your account after you return them. Late fees will not be charged for items that were in the drop on or before their due date.  Items that may not be returned in the book drops include (but are not limited to): large audio CD & tape sets, some oversize books, Learn-With-Me Kits and E-Readers.

The library staff does its best to empty the drops on holiday weekends and other busy times, but occasionally the drops will still fill. If you find the drop is full, please do not try to shove and pound your book in as it may cause damage to that book or others already in the drop. Please do not leave your book on top of the drop where it could be ruined or lost; return it at another time.

Can I send or receive a fax at the library?2019-03-19T13:49:04-04:00

Yes, you can send a fax for $1.25 per page. You cannot receive a fax.

Can I volunteer at the library?2019-03-19T13:48:43-04:00

The library is always in need of more Friends to help serve its patrons. See how you can become involved here.

Volunteers for work in the library are accepted on an as-needed basis. Teens must be at least 14 years old or going into 9th grade and be willing to give at least 25 hours of service. Adults must pass a criminal and sex-offenders background check before volunteering. For more information contact the volunteer coordinator at 610-282-8834.

Do you accept book donations?2019-03-19T13:47:16-04:00

Yes, we do accept book donations.  We respectfully ask that you bring your donations into the library during regular business hours and do not put donated books into the outside book drops or leave them outside the front entrance.  Please see our complete policy here.

Do you have e-books?2019-03-19T13:42:04-04:00

Yes, we have access to e-books and e-audios through our membership in a consortium with other area libraries. It is the Carbon Lehigh Downloadable Library and can be accessed from our homepage or by clicking here.

How do I find out what my pin is?2019-03-19T13:38:08-04:00

Unless you have changed it, your PIN is 1111. If you have changed your PIN and cannot remember it, please call the library during its regular business hours to have your PIN reset.

I am an Access patron but I can’t get into the Carbon Lehigh Downloadable Library site. What is happening?2019-03-19T13:44:27-04:00

Through the agreement with our provider, Access patrons are not permitted to use the e-books. Please access e-books from your home library.

I am trying to renew my items online, but I am not having any success. What is going wrong?2019-03-19T13:39:22-04:00

Usually if you can’t renew online it is for one of the following reasons:

  1. You owe more than $1.99 on your account. Keep in mind that this can occur mid-renewal. If you have 3 DVDs that are 1 day late you would be able to renew two of them, but after that you would owe $2.00 and would not be able to renew anything else.
  2. Someone in your family to whom you are linked (child/parent) owes more than $1.99.
  3. The item you want to renew is on hold for another patron.
  4. The item has already been renewed once.
I have been on the hold list for an item for 3 months. I know my name is getting close to the top and I am going on vacation in a few weeks. If the book comes for me while I am gone, do I lose my place in the list and have to start at the bottom again?2019-03-19T13:46:02-04:00

If you notify the library that you are next in line for a hold book but you are going on vacation, the library will do its best to bump your hold down the list, but email notification somewhat limits the library’s control over this service.

I have been waiting for the newest release by a very popular author for what seems like a long time. I have been on the waiting list and it doesn’t seem to be moving. What is happening?2019-03-19T13:45:28-04:00

We are in a program to receive 1 copy of the newest releases by some popular authors. Due to decreased library funding and rising shipping costs, we can no longer afford to have each book sent to us as soon as it is released or to purchase multiple copies. All new releases are shipped together the 4th week of the month. Our staff catalogs and prepares new releases for the shelf as quickly as possible, but some hold lists for popular titles may be lengthy.

I like renewing online but typing my 14 digit barcode is a little cumbersome. Is there any other way to do it?2019-03-19T13:40:32-04:00

Yes. You can create your own “EZ Logon” to use with LS2PAC, a newer interface for the catalog. Your EZ Logon can be almost anything you want that isn’t already being used by someone else in the system: your first name, nick name, pet’s name, favorite word, you choose it. Your EZ logon has a different password that you select. It is NOT the same thing as your library PIN, but you can make the two identical if you wish. If you forget your EZ logon password, you can still access your account in LS2PAC or the Classic PAC with your barcode and PIN, and from there you can reset your EZ logon password.

I lost my library book. Can I buy a copy at Amazon (or another bookseller) to replace it?2019-03-19T13:51:48-04:00
  1. The library has a Fixed Replacement Cost policy for all lost and damaged materials.  Besides the cost of the item, there are processing costs including staff time and materials to make the book “shelf ready.”  The library also reserves the right to choose the exact format of the replacement copy; i.e. hardcover, paperback, library binding, etc.
  2. The book I lost is available on Amazon for $10.00, why are you charging me $25.00 to replace it?

When you signed for your library card, you agreed to abide by the Fixed Replacement Cost policy for all lost or damaged materials.  The replacement costs for all materials are listed in the brochure you were given at that time.  For another copy of the brochure, please ask at the circulation desk.

I renewed my books today. Why isn’t the new due date three weeks later than the old due date?2019-03-19T13:41:11-04:00

All renewals are extended from the date you renew, not the original due date of the item.

I want to be an access patron, why do I have to have a home library card first?2019-03-19T13:50:52-04:00

Pennsylvania Library Code requires residents to obtain a library card from their home library first before obtaining a library card and using the services of a library outside their residential area.

My books are due in three weeks but I will be on vacation then and I don’t think I can finish them before I go. What if I forget to renew them or I can’t get to a phone or computer while I am gone?2019-03-19T13:46:45-04:00

If you know you are going to be away or unable to return your books in the three week loan period, you can ask for a “Vacation Loan.” A vacation loan is getting your renewal “up front” and is available for all items that are allowed to be renewed that do not have pending holds on them. Please ask for a vacation loan before your items are scanned.

When are the paper recycling bins in the parking lot emptied?2019-03-19T13:47:42-04:00

The paper recycling bins in the library parking lot and at the Upper Saucon Township building both benefit the library. If the library bins are full, please take your paper to the Upper Saucon Township Building parking lot bins. Paper Retriever empties the bins twice monthly at their convenience.

Why can’t I get in to the e-books library?2019-03-19T13:42:59-04:00

The computer will block you from access if you enter the wrong PIN, if your card is expired, if you are an Access patron, if you owe money on your account (any amount), or if you have an overdue item (any type, even 1 day overdue).

Why does my library card have an expiration date?2019-03-19T13:50:22-04:00

Library cards have expiration dates so that once every three years (for home patrons, more often for others) we can ensure our information is updated and accurate so patrons can be contacted.

Why does the computer block some websites, like YouTube?2019-03-19T13:49:51-04:00

To be eligible for certain kinds of funding, the library must be in compliance with CIPA (the Child Internet Protection Act), which requires filtering on all of a library’s computers with Internet access, including staff terminals. In addition, some websites use more bandwidth and tend to slow down the library’s entire computer network. Due to funding reductions, the library can’t afford to increase its bandwidth at this time.

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