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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my library book. Can I buy a copy at Amazon (or another bookseller) to replace it?

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The library has a Fixed Replacement Cost policy for all lost and damaged materials.  Besides the cost of the item, there are processing costs including staff time and materials to make the book “shelf ready.”  The library also reserves the right to choose the exact format of the replacement copy; i.e. hardcover, paperback, library binding, etc. [...]

Why does the computer block some websites, like YouTube?

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To be eligible for certain kinds of funding, the library must be in compliance with CIPA (the Child Internet Protection Act), which requires filtering on all of a library’s computers with Internet access, including staff terminals. In addition, some websites use more bandwidth and tend to slow down the library’s entire computer network. Due to funding [...]

Can I volunteer at the library?

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The library is always in need of more Friends to help serve its patrons. See how you can become involved here. Volunteers for work in the library are accepted on an as-needed basis. Teens must be at least 14 years old or going into 9th grade and be willing to give at least 25 hours of service. Adults [...]

Can I return my items when the library is closed?

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Yes. There are book and A/V drops in the library parking lot on the side of the building and there is a single drop for all types of items located at the Lower Milford Township building, 7607 Chestnut Hill Church Road, Coopersburg.  The Lower Milford drop is not emptied every day, so you may still see [...]

Do you accept book donations?

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Yes, we do accept book donations.  We respectfully ask that you bring your donations into the library during regular business hours and do not put donated books into the outside book drops or leave them outside the front entrance.  Please see our complete policy here.

My books are due in three weeks but I will be on vacation then and I don’t think I can finish them before I go. What if I forget to renew them or I can’t get to a phone or computer while I am gone?

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If you know you are going to be away or unable to return your books in the three week loan period, you can ask for a “Vacation Loan.” A vacation loan is getting your renewal “up front” and is available for all items that are allowed to be renewed that do not have pending holds on [...]

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